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The Effects of Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is soon going to be polluting every ecosystem if we continue to use and dispose of it at the same rate.

To raise awareness of this growing problem, we decided to reimagine what our plastic future looks like with these shocking images. We want you to share these images across your social channels with the hashtag #PlasticPlanet to spread the word on what our landscape will look like by 2050 if we don’t make some big changes to how we live.


Camilla Brugnoli, founder of Folpetto said,

“The images are really shocking, and I think it will strike a chord with the public. I think it’s easy to read and ignore statistics like a third of plastic ends up in the ecosystem, but when you have a visual representation like an image, it resonates so much more.

“Striking images are also much easier to share, and I want people to start having a conversation about this very real problem we face as a society. Charities and initiatives like The Healthy Seas Foundation have done a great job at introducing our pollution problem, but now we really need to change the way we live for it to have a lasting impact.

“Choosing to use fabric made from recycled plastic waste was a no brainer for us. Many parents want to make ethical choices for their children, but there’s not a lot of options available at the moment. We want to preserve the world for our children, and this is one small way parents can do that.”