About Us



The adventure began reminiscing about childhoods in Italy, in particular of the fond memories of carefree, family fun times on the beach, all summer long.

 I'm Camilla, born in Venice but I've spent the past 18 years abroad between Paris, New York and finally London; a business background and a some years spent on a job in the City, a husband, a son and a daughter.

I just really wanted to give my own children the same wonderful and magical experience I had growing up every summer, all summer!

 But being the “Italian” mum that I am, I also wanted my children to look their best at all times and above all else, I needed them to be sun-safe so they could also enjoy those long and scorching summers days by the sea, without a care in the world, just like I did.

After a lot of searching and no joy in finding the swimwear that matched my high standards and expectations –  Folpetto swimwear was born!  

I wanted to ensure that Folpetto stuck to my principles of producing quality swimwear that would last through the years and also would make the perfect “hand me down” to sibilings, cousins and friends.

A lot of effort went into sourcing high performing, eco-friendly fabrics to combine the chic and playful style of the Italian seaside  without compromising children’s fit and comfort, whilst being reassuringly protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays .

 Folpetto manufacture in Italy, at a small family firm, with decades of experience and who truly cares about each item they produce: each swimsuit is made with a lot of passion, heart and skill. 

Folpetto, Venitian for little octopus, simply sums me up: every mother could be an octopus …who wouldn’t want more arms to cuddle and protect our little ones and three hearts to love them even more?

I hope, your kids will enjoy Folpetto swimwear collection while playing carefree by the sea!

Folpetto - for your little ray of sunshine!